Let us present the Intercept working group.

Lithuania, Malta, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Luxembourg are the 6 European countries of origin of the 9 organisations collaborating on the Intercept Project.

  • Jobsplus from Malta is the lead partner who will coordinate the entire project.
  • Visionary Analytics from Lithuania, CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research from Poland and the Institute of Economic Research - Slovak Academy of Sciences will oversee the research aspects of the project;
  • The Region of Tuscany, Anci Toscana and the Grosseto University Hub in Italy will focus on communications, outreach and training development;
  • Anci Toscana with Jobsplus and the Lithuanian Public Employment Service will pilot the innovative training in green skills which will involve 300 NEETs across the three countries (Lithuania, Malta and Italy);
  • As the project expert partner, ADEM, the National Employment Agency of Luxembourg, will share knowledge about labour market mechanisms and guidance of young jobseekers.

Jobs Plus

Born out of a rigorous phase of renewal, Jobsplus is centred on a dedicated vision and specialised mission designed to meet the needs and fuel the success of today’s local employment and training sector.

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Ekonomicky ustav SAV

Institute of Economic Research of the Slovak Academy of Sciences has concentrated its research activities in the field of globalisation and adaptation processes in the European context since 1953.

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Employment Service

The Lithuanian Public Employment Service is a government agency organized under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour mainly responsible for the public employment service and the implementation labour market policies.

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Anci Toscana

Anci is a regional association whose aim is to enhance and consolidate the institutional, regulatory, financial and organisational autonomy of Tuscan territories. It serves Tuscan municipalities by supporting and helping them to create networks in every sector.

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Regione Toscana

The Regione Toscana is the regional body that administers the territory and the municipalities of Tuscany and that has its own functions and powers pursuant to the principles set out by the Italian Constitution.

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Fondazione Polo Universitario Grossetano

The Polo Universitario Grossetano, since its foundation in 1998, has been supported by the main local public institutions, the most representative trade associations and a wide range of associations and private individuals.

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Visionary Analytics

Research-based advisory company providing applied research, evaluation and other consultancy services for the European Union institutions, international organisations and national governments.

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The Center for Social and Economic Research is an independent, non-profit research institute founded on the idea that research-based policy-making is vital for the economic welfare of societies. Established in Warsaw in 1991, CASE today is recognized as the top think tank in Central and Eastern Europe and is one of the most highly regarded think tanks internationally.

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ADEM, the national employment agency, is the first contact point for job-seekers and employers in Luxembourg. Placed under the authority of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy, ADEM’s primary role is to match the offers and demands on the employment market.

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Motivating mobilizing supporting NEETs green career pathway.
Call: Unlocking Youth Potential
Project No. 2020-1-0033
Lead partner: Jobsplus
Duration: 29 months


INTERCEPT benefits from a € 2.18M grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.