INTERCEPT’s partners took part in a staff training event in Malta

Jobplus, INTERCEPT project’s lead partner, organized a training event that took place on March 8 th and 9 th 2023 in Valletta: the seminars were part of a 40h staff training programme which aims to improve the partners’ understanding of the project’s key topics, that is to say the current situation
of NEETs in the EU and the urgency of the transition to a green economy. Since the green transition will also lead to the creation of new skills and job opportunities, the training showed how green economy could be a great opportunity to provide NEETs with new skills, training opportunities and jobs in EU, which is the aim of the project.

The training started with a first session dedicated to NEETs in EU, led by Morgan Parnis, CEO of Business Leaders in Malta and education expert. During the session the staff analyzed and discussed NEETs situation in EU, sharing opinions, visions, needs, and good practices in different EU countries.

The event continued with a session dedicated to green economy, held by Timothy Alden from Malta Business Bureau. This session focused on the importance of green transition and sustainability, showing how circular economy works, sharing good practiced in different countries, giving examples, and providing an overview of the job opportunities that arise from green economy.

The last day of the training focused on two relevant aspects of the green transition: bio economy and life cycle thinking. These sessions were held by Annalisa Santucci and Maria Laura Parisi, professors of biochemistry and physical chemistry at the University of Siena. Understanding the importance of using renewable biological sources to produce food, materials, and energy, as well as the importance of using the life cycle assessment to measure sustainability, was very relevant for all participants. This, in fact, made all participants more conscious citizens, as well as more capable of recognizing real green jobs opportunities and sustainable companies.

After this training event, which was a precious opportunity to learn and share knowledge, all partners were more motivated and better equipped to keep pursuing the project aim.

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Motivating mobilizing supporting NEETs green career pathway.
Call: Unlocking Youth Potential
Project No. 2020-1-0033
Lead partner: Jobsplus
Duration: 29 months


INTERCEPT benefits from a € 2.18M grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.